Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey you bleh,

So not cool today jk, but I really really liked the talk we had today. I enjoyed it because we were so dumb and you haven't been so happy and dumb for so long.  Lets smile like that more often and lets act super dumb like that everyday.  I love you and I hope one day you will say those words too.  I will be patient but you have to understand that I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.=p

So today suck because you called me during art and I wanted to spend time with you more than anything.  We used charcoal got me dirty all over haha.
We had to draw this thing its called a gourd. Its hard and looks like a green or yellow penis.  It look like everyone drew giant bumpy penis today. Haha

Anyways I got some good news guess my only  two grades for my Management of operations and productions class.  It will really surprise you.

I have two 100s, cool beans  right never did so well in school I hope it can continue so I can keep my promise.

Love yous a lot,

P.S. I wanna spend lots of time to night before you go away to your popo ok ^^.

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