Friday, September 24, 2010

Alex's early bday and m baby long sleep which left me alone and lonely this whole day

Today was a busy day got up 6 but u weren't online haha so not cool jk. I miss you so much but you called me eventually haha so I'll let you go this time. I had to go to Chinese class, the go to law school fill out my w2 and other forms, then I visit Raph for 10 mins cuz you didn't pick up, but left cuz I had to go home and pick up text book. After I pick up text book I had to go to school and do a group project. Then had to pick up my art supplies then go pick up Alex, pay for his metro north ride take him to dinner with family, then I was finally able to call you haha. But I had a nice time with Alex today so it was cool beans.

 Alex's bday cake it raspberry chocolate.
 Alex haha he look so dumb
 awww so cute rn't they
 without me...... haha
 Dinner at Sachiko's again fried calamari with like a spicy ketchup sauce and like a cucumber lime sauce it was really good.
 Miso soup and salad(it like miso and spinach)

 Alex and mom got sushi 44 dollars for 2 so many choices, I am not a big fan of sushi but we must try it lol cuz so many things.
 Dad's tempura and they have a nice salad  it very light and refreshing really nice.
 This is my soba sop with duck very light not much flavor but I liked it.

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