Friday, September 10, 2010

Random things

So I am typing this post because your typing one right now. =P
But I don't want to type because I don't know what I can type to make you smile.  So instead I amd just staring at you on Skype and looking at you haha.  You look so cute and so natural makes me think of the days where you stayed over my house and we just relax together.  Man those were the best.  =) I love watching you haha.  I love to watch you on skype even if your doing nothing, I love watch you when you sleeping(it makes me feel like a can always be there for you), and I love you so much I want to look at you everyday. 

  • I am blessed with such a great girl who is always honest with me =).  I love that its SExxyyyyy hahaha, but I am really lucky and glad to have this amazing relationship with you.

  • Yesterday I saw my friend and she said she is proud of me, because I am a lot more mature.  She says I am lucky to have someone who can help me be a better person, I agree.  Thank you

  • I was so dumb yesterday I tried to call you from 1-5 haha when I should have slept so that we can spend more time together.  I should have got the hint when the first 10 calls didn't go through.  But I was hoping for some miracle because I really really really really wanted to talk to you.

  • Yesterday funniest thing happened on the train this drunk lady walked in from another cart and I watched he walk slowly make her way down funniest thing in the world.  She first hug this guy standing from behind lol, guy almost shit himself lol.  Then she walk to the subway seat and she fell asleep on an Asian guy and passed out for a stop or two.  It was super funny but she smelled like beer it was terrible haha.

  • Been thinking of an idea that will make you smile even more for the cafe.
  •  Can't wait til your done blogging sooo bored by myself.
  • Just wasted 5 minutes looking at you haha. 
  • Want a lollipop soso bad maybe I will eat one of yours late, nahh I should save it.
  • Cmells because I just woke p and didn't shower.
  • Can't I am going to stop I rather watch you.
  • Sorry for boring post trying to kill time.

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