Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi babe,
Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile when I promised you I would everyday.  I will try to do it everyday again, so check ok =).
Today was raining super super hard when I woke up, it rained all day I hope it goes away soon because I have to carry around my sketch book for art, taking that class was a bad idea lol. So I got to school a little late today because of the rain, and I had to be paired up with my Chinese teacher fro a class project, yea...... So bad haha.

 stupid rain haha and stupid umbrella.  I did ok on my quiz though so no worries =).  After class I went to talk to my friend about the party thing that happened haha.  He didn't even know about the things until I told him.  Feel bad for him I hope he gets better, because he feels real sad.  I left at 11 haha because I wanted to say goodnight to you before you slept.  I was happy to find you up still when I got home I ate my favorite beef patty and chili cheese dog for lunch.  Then Chilled with you till you slept, I napped too haha till 3.  Then I started on my HW, I drew a picture of shoes haha I have 1 more to do.
 Finish the second bag of chips you cave me I loved these so so so much too, chicken still #1. lol
Started curry chips, wasn't to excited but they are really good haha, good choice I love it. You have to bring me one bag from this company back.  So I did more homework after snack it so long haha read 14pg paper then I have to type 3 pages on Management.  So I have to type paper and Art project still haha so I have to end short sorry love, I will write more tomorrow ok ?

Love ya,

Kinda embarrassed to show it, but I will for you ok =) here my sucky drawing
Miss you so much can't wait to get you back. =)

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