Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey babe,
Like promised I blog for you =).  So today was a long long day haha and it rained again wtf lol.  I hate how much it rained today because I had to carry my art portfolio to class today worst thing ever haha.  But I got to class early =).  So we had to draw this today haha how cool does it look. OMG it was the biggest pain in the ass to draw.  We didn't even finish today, haha it a two week project.  LOL

So after I had two more classes ummm the one in the Bronx sucked I don't know why he teaches lol.  We got out early so I went to computer center.  I had to check my midterm essay and print it out.  But when I was in the computer lab I heard some sad news a student died in my school.  The internet said he hung himself.  I feel real bad for his family and I hope it wasn't for a dumb reason.  =(

After I took the van to school for the first time in awhile.

Tried to take a picture while it was moving.  I wanted to show you the leaves are starting to change color.  That is the most beautiful thing about New York, it made me miss you and want to say come back now.  I really want to walk central park with you and walk around looking at the yellow,red and orange trees watching the leaves fall.  =)

Its the waffle truck on Astor place they open a mini one by my school, I have to try it tomorrow if its there haha I want to try one so bad, with whip cream, strawberries and chocolate yummmmm.

Instead I settled for mozzarella sticks and chicken and rice soup.  Hate the sticks taste like poop haha.  I had to eat a lot of the free food from the office instead to get the bad taste out of my mouth lol, had my favorite chips, don't know what they are but OMGGG haha.

Here is my laptop while i chill in Raph's office I love this blog I read it everyday =).
So now I am wait for you to get out of shower I miss you =).
Oh yea get money bring, id and picture for your thing tomorrow .

Love you,
Oh yea my cousin put a blog post of my grandpa I never met =).

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