Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dad's last full day in NY till Thanksgiving

So today was my dad's last day in New York, he leaves tomorrow at 10 to go to the airport =(. Going to miss him a lot. So today you were to cool for me and left me all alone and I didn't get to talk to you in the morning haha. It's okay you were spending time with you family so I understand. Aunty Suzann called us to go Dim Sum, we wen to the one under the bridge, so good, she let me order as much as I want =). HAHA my mom and dad weren't to happy with me ordering so much but it was so good and cheap it was like 15-20 dishes that cost only 37.90 cool beans right? I loved it I ate sooo sooo much ahah. I guess I was happy I was with family and you and I were kool beans again =).

Then we walked around China Town.

 Your friends place mama loves it so much she goes all the time lol =).
 Funny looking clown guy hahaha looks so dumb, he look like the monkey from the chinese tv show my mom use to watch with the stick and cloud.
 I want one it plays so much music haha.
 Little Italy entrance random lol.
 They put up this flag for ever 9/11 very nice of them to do that right?
 I just took picture for you of china town.
The festival today is the last day =( we have to go next year love.

 Bakery in the festival looks soo sooo good haha

more treats.

Haha today was a nice day on the way home we saw like 3 other street fairs kool beans right? Today was the perfect day to go out with you, it was nice and sunny not to to hot and so many places to visit =(.  I wish you were back so bad, before it gets to cold.  I want to go to the Hudson river and lie on the grass again at night and watch the stars I miss it soo soo much babe.  We got home at 6 and I slept till 8.30 haha so I have so much energy haha. SO we had crab for dinner for the third time this week and 5th time for me cuz of lunch 2x haha.

Love you so much,
P.S. Must get a car so we can do the things that we want like travel and see you sister. =)

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