Thursday, September 23, 2010

quick note

Dear Kirby,

I haven't written anything for you for a couple of days so I guess I will write something quick before bed.  I been watching you this past week and I have seen a side of you which I have come to really admire.  I see how caring you are and the amount of sacrifices you give for the people you love.  I really think that it is amazing how strong you are.  I know you feel like screaming till your lungs collapse but you don't.  But you try your hardest to put on a brave face and I am proud of you.
I promise you in the future yo will never have to go through this again and if anything like this happens again I will be there with you every step of the way.  I know I can't be there right now, but I am trying my hardest to be the happiest I can be.  If your sad I want to be that one positive thing you have so you know no matter how hard it gets I will be there for you to make you smile.  And I am so glad I finally got to see your smile yesterday in such a long time.  I know you have 3 or 4 days left, so I will try to keep my smile for you and try to make you smile back.
Also I finally got a job, told you to have faith in your babe.  I know you don't like to get your hopes up, so I will give you a reason to from here on out.  To believe that I will always succeed.  I know I it sounds like I BS a lot so I am going to try to stop saying all those things that might sound like it, so hopefully one day when I say something like that you will smile big for me.

I love you more than ever and I'll never give up =),

P.S. if you do come back we definitely must learn to bake once a week and I will help you even though you don't want me to because I want to be there always for you.  And can we please go shopping every week together so I can cook for you as much as possible. =)

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