Monday, September 6, 2010

A promsie I can't break

Dear Kirby,
Lately we have been talking about saving up our money so that we can travel.  This is one thing that I really wish we can do often, because i know it is your dream to go around the world and it is mine too.  So I hope I can travel through out the world with you in the near future.  There are so many places that I want to take you because I know you would love to visit them.  Also there are so many place you have to take me to because you know so much about.  What I want almost more than anything is to see the world with you and walk the streets of France, Hong Kong, and many other places until we can't walk. There are so many places I want to bring you to, there are so many different foods we have yet to try.  I hope we can try a little of something from each place in the world.
You know I have been to France, out of all the places I have been to I believe this is the one place you would love the most in Europe.
I mean look at this photo I went like 3 years ago with my friends.
Look how beautiful it is this is in the heart of the city at night time I would love to walk the city with you at night after a nice dinner.  You would love the food in France.  And OMGGGG the desserts are to dieeeeee for and they are so pretty.  This is one of the places I really really want to take you to.

And this is a famous museum in France called the Louvre.  It is so pretty and built so pretty.  You would be taking pictures all day with a great smile.

The cafe you were looking at is right next to here on that girls blog.  =)

There are so many places you have to go see.  This is my most favorite place in Paris it is Versailles. The big mansion it self is ok, more for old people haha and we aren't old yet are we.  Its the beautiful garden that Is amazing there is so many  things to take pictures of and so many places to walk we can spend the whole day there and not get bored trust me.  There is a giant pond like reallllll reallllll reallllll big and there are so many beautiful trees.  They also have to maze like gardens omg I wish I can take you there now.  I wish we can save up and go for sure.

  Here is another place we visited I don't  know what it is called but it is such a pretty place its like a castle on this hill like city and it spirals down it take a lot of work to walk up though haha.

The I went to this really amazing little town in France and stayed in this nice fort.  I was so amazing it was like protected by the ocean and in the morning the water was really really high and in the afternoon the water went down and you can walk on the beach.  It was so breath taking. 

That is the afternoon how pretty is that.

Then we took a little stop at Germany it was nice but I don,t remember it much.  But what I do remember was the World War 2 cemetery it was so pretty and it was made for the soldiers who died.

Another place I went to was Spain and to me it wasn't as exciting as France but there were so many beautiful things there.

I mean look at this scenery we defiantly have to visit here if we decide to go it is so pretty.   Right?

They have these cute little streets that you would love to walk down oh boy I know you would smile so big.
It is really pretty and we would need to buy three more memory cards for pictures but it would be so worth it haha.  I hope we can go with in the next year or so.  I know you would enjoy it sosososo much.  My baby loves to walk around and take pictures and I know she would get up early so we can do things all day long in these great places.  We would have such big food adventures lol.  You would get fat from stopping at every bakery and trying all the new food every place has to offer.  I want to bring you as soon as possible so I am saving up every single penny I make from here on out.  We have so much to do in our life and I don't want to waste one second.  We have to travel the world because it is our dream and we have to go to these amazing places and take as many pictures as possible.  I know you would love the scenery and the lax atmosphere here.  It is a city but so different from our New York city.  The buildings it self have a great history.  I promise to bring you around the world, so please have faith in me.  I know that you want to see everything possible.  I will take you to see these great places but you have to give me a tour of the great places in Asia. =)  If my family does go to Asia next summer be sure to pack your bags, because we will be needing our own personal tour guide=).  Plus the family loves you haha.  I brought you to Trinidad twice now it is time for other places, so keep reminding me to not forget my goal, I want to bring you back and then I will get started with our dream on traveling the world.

P.S.  I hope you enjoyed it =).

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