Saturday, September 4, 2010

A great gift

Dear Kirby,

So today I finally opened up your amazingggggggg gift, I feel like a jerk still because you haven't got yours yet.=( I feel even worse because I love your present so much and mine probably not as cool. But OMFGGGGG you got me so many cool things, I am so happy.

This is such a biggggg boxxxxxxx double my boxes size =(.  I hope you really like it.

When I opened it up I hope you saw howwww big I smiled and how happy I was, I really didn't expect sooo many things.  I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into it.

ALLLLL the cool snacks from Hong Kong you got me.  I really am happy because you got me so many good things.  I am sooo happy I get to try thing from a different country.

Here are some of the cool snacks you got me.  I am really glad you remembered my favorite candy( the one you introduce me to) lollipops.  I really want to try the chicken chips they look soooo yummy, but I am scared if I eat it now they will be gone in a hour haha. Oh so many chips and candy which first and then last, should I do the good ones first or last?   Gotta help me haha.
Then these gifts here are so thoughtful. Like the Domo bag for the camera you got me for your birthday.  Also the Domo puppet when I push the hand it has your voice.  The tons of pictures of you(already put them in my album.  Then the pen so i can write in class.  I also loveee the hello kitty graduate one because it reminds be of your graduation and how proud I am of you.  =)

But for me my favorite was the matching bracelet which said Misses you, Kirby G.  I promise to wear it 24/7 I put it on and haven't taken it off yet =).  I love it so much so so so so much.  I also love the mini chalk board with the days and months  I will be writing my schedule on it.  I already wrote my class schedule, so I can fulfill my promise of doing well. I also like the little Kirby G key chain it so cute and it has a cap =).  I really miss you so much and when you went to school ,I hope you go back again. HAHA

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU , for sending me such great gifts.  I really do pray you get mine soon I know you will love it, but I don't know if it can top yours.  I really appreciate all the time you spent and all those cute little notes you posted on everything so you can tell me things about each one of them.  I am so lucky to have someone as great as you and you don't know how much I appreciate each gift.

Thank you sososososososososo much,
Your happy dumb boyfriend
P.S. I love you so much

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