Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stuff and things

So today I looked at my desk and I noticed that almost everything on it is something you got for me or made for me haha.

Everything but the sun glasses haha.

Oh yea the Domo bag for the camera wasn't suppose to me there I just added it for the picture, because I really like it.

So all the things I ordered for you came in the mail.  I hope your excited haha, because I know I'm not. lol
The first thing that came was your eye lashes I hope you like em. =)

Kinda cool looking haha, I want to be the first to see you with them on.

Then your Urban Outfitter things came in I hope you will like the skirt and the shoes.  They are so cool.

Here they are I think they are very you I really hope you like it =).

Cool sale too.

I like these shoes a lot real good choice babe I really hope they fit you,  I really really like them =).  I hope you can wear them and smile real big.
I know it not everything I promise but I hope your happy with it I really do, I hope in the future I can make enough money so you can shop as much as you want. =)

Hope you enjoyed,
Chin Fong
P.S. I love you so so so so much.

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