Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long first day

Today was the first day of classsssssssssss........ womp womp haha
But it was cool, my graphic design teacher is cool and I don't even have midterms and finals, haha.  Only take home test every class so cool, right?  The teacher also teaches calligraphy it was so nice, it was crazy and so pretty I want to write like that. So I can right you a really nice card, =).

I didn't take any pictures today sorry forgot phone batteries and I didn't want kill the phone cause I had to call you.  So today I went to give in my application for the business law IT center, I pray I get it, I really want/need to bring you back.  I misss you so much babe, its lonely here without you.

After I went to my next class which was a marketing class the teacher is really boring haha, but I really think this class is going to be interesting because I like marketing.  I hope I can do well in this class, the first homework assignment looks pretty cool, I have to go to a supermarket and find 20 items I didn't know about so cool because it is so different then what I am use to.

I hate that your gone so much babe.  I miss picking you up from school everyday, I wish you can come back so I can see you .  Your even more beautiful now, when I saw you on skype today my heart skipped a beat.  Wow!!! You can't look like that or so many men will chase you. Haha no seriously lol.  Have confidence in yourself ,ok? I am so happy, you smiled so big today.  I love that smile, washes all the bad things away and makes me want to work harder.

So have faith in me I am working my hardest to bring you back.

Miss you so much
your baby
P.S. miss me a lot so you want to come back as soon as possible =).

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