Friday, September 3, 2010

Hair cut and Uniqlo

So today was a longggg day haha. I woke up early so we can talk, I enjoyed our talk as always it was so nice. I can't wait to bring you back, it only 2 more months right =)?

Us last night, but morning for you.
So I finally got my hair cut today, but you said it was dumb because it too short, I don't think it that bad but yea I kinda agree. I went to Astor place it cost me 15 dollars not including tip. But it was better than the dumb Mohawk lol.

Ate at Wendys today haha ate the usually but added spicy nuggets haha. 

After I visited Uniqlo, I went to see Holly, Mike and everyone.  They all miss you a lot. Everyone keep telling me to fill out and application, because they want me back.  So funny but makes me feel good.  But so much happened  like Nobu is going back forever. Also Sean for visual is in Japan forever too.  Dexter left and so much more haha but you will hear more about him later.  So I went to cheer up Holly today and visit Mike they were so cool.  We hung out for 3 hours haha I help run with Mike, then Holly and I messed with so manyyy of the new people.

So many people miss you,  like Katlin, Gwen, Mike, Ivonne, Jeanny and Francis.  Haha they made me miss you so much more.

So we left at 8 cause Holly got off and Mike had lunch break, we went to Starbucks and I saw you favorite things.

Can't see it well probably, but it the Asiago Bagel.

Holly and I went to eat dinner after at Taco Bell and talked for an hour she was sad, but she say I help cheer her up.  Said I was the best son =). Then she ask how you were and said I better keep you, because so many people in Uniqlo liked you and I would be stupid to lose you. I agree and I said, not one second will I let you doubt me.  Then we did something that was so unexpected we went to Forever 21 in 14th street to visit guess whoo.......

My best friend at Uniqlo.


Know it?

dexter =p
UHHHHH so awkward for me and him but more for me. I was like your that guy I hated so much, hi and you know I hate you and still hate you. I also know you hate me more haha. Holly was dying cause she thought it was funny so not cool.

Any way the day wasn't bad I want to bring you back so bad now so they can see you.

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