Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wow today was my first Chinese class of this year and all I can say is I'm screwed as of now.  Looks like I have to lock myself in a room and practice Chinese everyday until I can catch up with the clas,s and that's a lot of work I have to do.  And top top off this terrible thing I have a class of all Chinese people who actually know the language.  Only one girl and I, she isn't Chinese feels like the class was difficult.  She and I took another professor together last year and we never expected to be this behind.  Well.... honestly I did because I never went to class, but she was one of the top so haha I have to hit the books and learn.  I promised you I would learn so when I brought you back I would be good enough to speak with you, haha you really know how to give me a lot of work. =)  But don't work I am studying just as hard as ever and I still have along way to go, that is why I need you to push me to keep trying.  You know me if no one pushes me I get lazy if I don't think it makes money.

Well on another note I have been worrying about us.  I feel like sometimes you still don't pay a lot of attention to us.  I know you are trying harder and I am really really glad that you are, but honestly right now I disconnected Skype and you haven't noticed.I know your busy but you haven't even sent me a message say where are you. lol  I am sorry babe, I just want you to be with me really bad. And I just been so stressed out this past week and feel overwhelmed by everything.  Even a small fight right now wouldn't be good lol.

Chin Fong
P.S. please don't be mad at me I just haven't been me lately, and I am sorry. But I wanted you to know.

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