Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Should have realized you need me, shouldn't have been so blind, didn't keep my promise and I left you alone. Now I cant help feeling like a jerk, I promised you everyday I would always be there and the one time you actually needed me I wasn't there.  I wish I could turn back time and realized that you were waiting for me to call you.  I was to late like am usually am, I walked home thinking you would respond to my text but I should have realized as soon as you texted me I should have responded with a phone call.  I waited to call you after 10 minutes and I now realize I was to late.  I am sorry please forgive me I know I really messed up right now.  I am sorry I not let it happen again, I know your angry at me, I know you still don't trust me when I tell you something.  I know everything I say will be bs from here on out until I prove my self. I know but I don't mind that everything I say isn't believable I will make you believe me, I am trying my hardest not to say things but to do them.  I know I have been saying a lot of things lately.  I know I haven't been there for you like I promised but please give me a chance to prove my self to you.  As we stand now I am still not good enough for you to respond and say I love you back.  I will show you babe, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I know that its hard being alone out there.  But I will try to be there more often, more when you need me than not need me.  I will respond to all your calls and text and show you I can be that man so please one more time let me ask you to put your faith in me and trust me. I wont mess up again.  I promise you, I wont give you a reason to shed tears or feel pressured.  I will show you I am serious, so find it in your heart to forgive this jerk.  He is sorry and loves you more than anything and just wants to be there for you.  I miss you so much and I will keep working hard so that you wont have to feel alone anymore, then hopefully you can say I love you back.  

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