Saturday, September 11, 2010

happy with you

Hi babe,

These past to days have been great we spent so much time together and smiled so much and laughed like we did when we were together.  I wish we can smile and laugh everyday like this, don't you? =)
 I am happy you always let me stay online with you till you fall asleep, just if you were wondering you haven't talked in your sleep yet =). I am the luckiest person because even though we are so far away we spend so much time together.  I really cherish these moments they mean a lot to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I can't stop smiling when ever we are together.  Thank you for trying to spend time with me it really means a lot to me.  I know there are a million things you can be doing other than to spend time with me online but thank so much for making that sacrifice. 

I hope you have fun with your grandma today I will miss seeing yo for a day, but I gotta share you with my babe sometimes haha.  My future Po Po so its ok =) so I can tell her all the things we practice yesterday and what will in the future.  I hope you will smile big when I talk to her haha.  =)

 I been studying hard hard everyday and I hope you will proud of me.  I am working hard still and I hope I can make some money before I bring you back so we can do a lot of things. I will make it so you won't have to worry about money when you come back ok =).

I love you,
Chin Fong
P.S. Have fun at your grandma's and one of our coolest pictures haha.

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