Wednesday, September 8, 2010

second day of class

OMGGG Tuesdays are hell, like seriously it sucks when it comes to scheduling.  I don't get a break in between and I am running from class to class.  I hate the commute, it  so much work to go from Bronx to Manhattan in 1 hour is the worst, during rush hour so I can't even take the van.  I have to run like 10 blocks up a hill to take the D train to go to Manhattan camps on time.  But it is worth it I decided to not to drop any of the classes.  The first class is art which seems cool but everyone is an artiest so it sucks @SSSSSSSS haha only business major.  Bu a good friend is in the class and he is really fun to chill with.  Then my next class is Operation and Product Management hard but all my friends are in it and we didn't even know how cool lol. This class has no midterm or finals but we have to do group projects for every class, it is a lot of hard work.  We have to be in groups of two guys and two girls (one of the girls is Alexandra's old friend, but they hate each other now so awkward).   But I'm in a group with a real good friend so we will hopefully have fun. 

Then I have to run to Manhattan and take my favorite class this year, it is a Management course and it has a lot to do with my major.  The teacher said she likes my input and she is very very chill.  But this whole day I have no time to eat =(.  Lucky I bought a snack waiting for the morning train for class today.

so here was my stressful day and my next stressful Tuesdays till December 22.  I hope I can Survive and do well.  Don't worry I am working hard for you.
And thanks for talking to me during and after class helped me relax.  I am so tired now hahaa.

P.S.  I wish so much you were at school I really miss picking you up.

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