Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping day All About the Kirbs =)

SO today I woke up real early for my baby, I really want to get you a present for our month/ 1 year meeting anniversary. I went to Soho to buy you clothes that you like went to so many different stores and took pictures to see if you like them. To bad your internet wasn't working so I had to guess lol. Should have shopped Zara for you but I chose H&m because I thought you tell me to go there. I wish I went to Zara instead and bought you the things I liked, haha so mad I messed up babe. But I did get you one surprise gift I hope you like it but I doubt it. So you have to show me more examples of clothings you like so I can get you more things I am happy that you liked the clothes I took pictures of though. I walked till 12.30 looking for items, then I went into Uniqlo to say hi to everybody and ran into Jackie. Cool beans right? So she asked me to go to the salon with her to keep her and Gracie company. I said yea because I wanted to catch up, Jackie and I had a really good talk =). HAHA Guess how much the hair cut was for both of them. It was 220 with out the tip. LOL OD right?
So after we walked around for like 8 hours from Soho to NYU to Union Square. First Jackie wanted fries so we went to five guys and ordered Cajun fries( I think) they were really good, you would love them, also we get all the free peanuts we want there. So Jackie filled the bag up when she was done with the fries. LOL Then we walked to the park where we saw the guy with the cool fuzzy motor cycle and the band playing in the fountain. I hope you remember lol.  Because we walked there a couple of times and they were real special moments to me =).  So we went to the dog park because thats what they do when they walk around lol, but it was real cute you would have liked it actually lol.
After we watched the dogs for 20 mins we walked to a store which sold puppies.  They were so so so cute babe.  If you were there you would have told me to defiantly get one when we get married.  You have to see them, they are so small and cute =).  We well also go here when you come back, I promise you you will go awwww.  So we went to Urban Outfitters after and went shopping for Grace and Jackie.  Boy can they shop lol, they make it look like we are nothing.  They bought a couple of cheap things like a tie and a formal shoe for Grace.  After Jackie kept talking about this tea place.  It reminded me of Starbucks but organic and more tea than coffee.  I got mint chocolate as my drink it sucked.  But Jackie and Grace got the drink like the one your friend owns,  PS your friends are so so much better.  I told Jackie we will take them next time ok =) haha so you have to take us all so we don't look so dumb when we ordering.

After the tea store we went to look for a Japanese restaurant we couldn't find it for 10 minutes then we notice it wasn't open yet,  it was under construction lol.  So we held dinner off for a couple more hours.  Jackie went to Filens basement and bought a Kennth Cole watch, haha just my taste.  Oh yea Grace like our watch, I brag how my baby bought it for me =).  Thank you again one of my two favorite things not sure if that or bracelet is better lol.  So then we decided to go to Sephora.  Found the brand name not the product lol because we didn't know what it was.  They went to look for colon and perfume.

After we walked to H&M  and I decided to buy you the two things you said no to lol.  So hard to shop for but it ok I am learning slowly right? =)   So after that Jackie wanted to buy bowls for her kitchen so we went to this really cool pottery place.  WE will shop here when we get married and buy a house ok? =)

Look at these coooool cups haha.

so cool right, looks like an ad or a book cover.

Then they decided to go to K-town to eat Korean food.  We went to a pretty nice place but was kinda pricey.  But it was really really really good.

Kim-chi pancake really good, but Jackie and Grace can't eat fish and meat lol.

Sorry it dark real bad lighting.
The appetizers yumm, had this weird fish thing but it taste pretty good, but I don't think you will like it.  Taste like meat ahha.
This is realllll dark sorry but it is Bipbimbop, spicy beef or pork not sure lol.  But it was really good yummmm, and then Grace got the most amazing tofu, the casserole i think but me and Jackie were like omg this is amazing lol.  Jackie got the same thing I ate just tofu.  It was really good, but the bill was 77 but they also drank 3 beers.  I didn't cause I try to keep my promise for my baby, I will try till I am 21 ok see if I can hold off that long for you =).  And omg they tip high lol it was $20 they do it because of Collen(the Visual Manager, her husband is a chief that why they said.)  Omg they said when she goes out she tips 80% of the bill how ridiculous is that lol.  Oh yea here are Jackie's boat shoes you would love them, Zara your favorite.)

Anyways after dinner I rush home to talk to you, to bad your laptop died, I miss talking to you all night it is so lonely now. I wish I could talk to you all night =(. But waking up at 7 to talk to you so it ok ill make it up later haha.

Love you,

P.S. (think about you the whole time and Jackie says hi and Grace)  BTW you have to shop with Gracie because you have the same style and with Jackie because she was part of visuals and she still got that talent with clothes.  Don't worry your still my number one shopping buddy, they no that haha.  I really missed you all day because it kinda felt weird walking with out you, don't get me wrong I had fun but it wasn't the same.   But they were fun compared to everyone else I have seen recently. I wish you were there you would love to be with them.  They are your type of people, they are sweet and Jackie can speak Cantonese lol.  babe they can shop lol Jackie paid for everything for Gracie it was like 400-500 (pay day lol) they really are the best of friends, you miss them feeding each other.  It made me miss you at that moment the most because you always did that for me.  I wish we can keep doing it =( I really do.  So come back soon and wish me luck on Monday with the Job interview.  I really need it for us =).  So I can be like Jackie when she spends money her BBF Grace lol.
Here the to u said no two.  I thought you would like it I was wrong lol sorry.  =)

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