Thursday, September 16, 2010

My day spent missing you

Its been awhile since I talked about my day right?
Well I guess I can talk about yesterday's  school day. Boy was it long.  I woke up late for my resume meeting, but you know that already (cause someone called me late, jkjk) haha.  So I had to rush and take a quick shower and run to the train but in between all that excitement I managed to snap a couple of photos for you of Lincon Center because I know you miss it.  Anyways I arrived thirty minutes late but the lady was kind enough to let me meet with her anyways.  So we spent about an hour talking about my resume and what changes I could make to it.

After the meeting we set up another appointment for Monday. So not cool haha I wish we could have just finished it yesterday, It so much work you know?

Anyways after I got out I started to feel sad because I really missed you a lot.  I really wanted to go see you at that moment more than anything in the world.  It's because you fell asleep so early I think and we only talk for 5 minutes.  But as long as I got to talk right? haha

So I walked around and the I decided to go to Whole Foods to do my homework (marketing project).  Then I got this great idea to eat clam chowder because I really really really missed you and I thought eating it would make me happier and feel closer to you. But it didn't help, it kinda made it worse haha.  I'm so good at planning lol.

Our favorite soup and two diffrent breads the round one was good the other one... smelt like shit and had green things in them haha.

After I went home to go sleep because I promised you I take care of my body right? So I took a picture of my shadow like we use to take our couples shadow picture, but it suxs because it so lonely.  You have to come back aspa so we can have so many more pictures together.

Here are the flowers you like so much.
I try to make it so you don't have to miss it because when ever you do I will take pictures for you, ok?

So after my nap I headed back to school (exciting right?).  Went to my boring marketing class and tried to sit through it.  It was terrible made me want to pass out like 10x.  After the long 3 hour class I went up stairs to see Raph, but he was way to busy playing games.  So I hung out with another friend who works in the office down the hall and we talked about our relationships and looking for jobs.  She really helped me feel better because she said told me I really love you a lot, it made me feel happy because if she can see it my baby sees it (I know you do, you always tell me).  We talked about a French restaurant which I have to get the name for, because she said you and I would have to go since we go on so many restaurant adventures.  From there on out the day just got better and better because when I got home you just woke up and we spent 5 hours talking .  I will cherish this moment so much because we laughed so much.  I hope we can do this almost everyday.  I love you so much I hope we can have our future together.  Everyone has supported me and I am lucky to have such good friends, because they remind me every time why we are so great.  So stay with me forever and I will make sure your always smiling ok =).

Love you,

P.S. I want to buy you a dessert right now like I use to everyday when you were working =(.

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