Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Kirby,

Miss me? haha I am so relieved your popo had a good surgery and I am proud of you for taking care of your popo.  I know its hard and your not feeling well and I wish I could be there to hold you and to keep you company.  I am stuck here which suckksssssss but I will try my hardest to make you smile when your sad ok.  I really miss you and I wish you where here more than anything, I wish I could be the one to take care of you when your not feeling well. So I have to work that much harder to bring you back =).  I will don't worry about it babe.  I know its tough right now love, but I really admire  you because of all the hard work and care you are giving.  I am more proud of you than  anyone will ever be.  I am happy my baby is such a good person.  I know it feels impossible sometimes, when it does call me I will keep you company and I will help my baby smile or at least not feel bad anymore.  I rally want to be there for you, send me a text I will send one back, ask me to call I will call you back asap.  Please call me, I don't care about the money to me your well being is more important and I could care less about the couple of cents.  I told you if I can't be physically there for you I will try every other way.  I just want to make sure your ok, don't worry about me and sleep.  I can take care of my body, I have to because I promised you.  I promised you I won't die young and after you so you won't be alone (because of your evil palm reading haha).  But you have to promise me you will take care of yourself and you if you feel a little dizzy you will rest.  Like you told me you can't take care of someone if your sick.  So make sure your ok.  I am happy I have such an amazing girl friend and I brag so much about my baby.  I love it haha it makes me soso happy.  I am happy you contacted me when you weren't feeling well,  I continue to try my hardest to make sure your not alone.  I promised you right=)? So keep depending on me when you need someone I will be there and I will do anything to see you smile.  Ok so try to rest today and if we don't talk today its ok you just owe me 6 hours of talk time next time lol=) and a super big hug when you get back to the city.

I love you,

P.S. finally finished my resume after 3 weeks and I hope I got the job today so I can make money for us.

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