Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working towards our future

These past couple of days have been getting harder for me, I am starting to miss you more and more everyday. Lately I have been getting less sleep from the stress. I am just worried about you in Malaysia it seems like everything went wrong in one day. But we fight till we can succeed right so I'm not worried.

Me not being able to sleep thought you might like the sun rise =).

So yesterday I didn't do much I just worked on the website and ordered take out.

You remember the dumpling store on 14th we went to?  Here is what I ate bubble tea sucked lol.

So today I went job hunting, YEAHHHH so fun haha.  The job I wanted originally wasn't available, but they promised me it if anyone leaves so that is cool beans right ?=)

Chris and I went looking for jobs together at Lincoln Center  so we went to the building across the street from school and I registered for an interview to find part time jobs and internships, like I promised, have to go next week Thursday at 10 in the morning bummer right?

School =)

Then Chris went back to work and I visited Raph my older brother and chilled with a friend for a couple of hours.  And we found out together we need to go get jobs haha.

So he and I found an IT job (fixing computers) for the law school, we are going in tomorrow for an interview or meeting them, cross my fingers Xp.  Pays like Uniqlo and less work haha.
After I got another job offer by accident when I was joking around with the LC IT manager and said to fill out an application online because they are short on staff.  So I hope I get both it will make everything easier on me. 

Cause you probably miss LC and we haven't walked in the night yet.

I got home around 9 and cooked shrimp and lobster, which finally taste really good.

I miss ordering it and, you taking all my shrimp haha.

So tomorrow is the first day of class and as promised I will sleep early today so I can have energy tomorrow, sucks I didn't get to talk to you really today cause of everything.  But you promised me tomorrow we will spend time together right?

Here is my week schedule for school only Tuesday and Wednesday class
Love you and I miss you so much, I can't wait to bring you back, but babe you have to try hard, because you keep saying you don't want to be there, don't let other people force you to do things you don't want even me ok?  I promise I will help you in every way that is why I am doing all this.  So please have faith in this dumb dumb. He really loves you a lot and wants to give you the best life possible.

Your baby
P.S. Don't worry about me I promise you I will do well in everything and I will take care of myself just don't lose hope.  I promised you a good life and this is just the first step,  I miss you and the city misses you a lot.  Please forgive me for always being dumb but I care a lot ok. =) If I'm gonna take care of you and our families I gotta work hard so don't stress, I promised you and I won't break a promise. So keep believing in me even though it is hard.  I'm not just talking I'm doing everything I said.

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