Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A dream

It's been hard, I know.  Wanting to be with you, wanting to hold you, just to touch you for one second just to remember that all of this was real and not a dream. Like some sort of fairy tale we didn't want to wake up from because everything felt like it was to good to be true.  This summer was unforgettable and to me it is a fairy tale, we begun our story with a happy begging and know we are at that part where things start to look bad.  But heres the secret almost always it ends happy because they take that journey and go through countless trials to test each others love.  They keep their faith and never giving up no matter how bad it was, so lets do the same.

You asked me like four times this week why do I treat you so well.  Its because I love you, isn't that what you do when you love someone.  You show them how much that person means to you, you go that extra mile to show them you love them.  I love you so much I would do anything and please don't be scared by this.  I know you don't want me to care that much about you but its to late I do.  Its like I want to be there for you in every moment, when ever your sick, sad, angry, happy anything I just want to be there to support you.  I know it stresses you out but please try to not let it stress you to much.  So even though I say all these things that seem impossible please try to have that faith.  Its along shot but I never failed or broke an important promise right. =)

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