Thursday, September 9, 2010


I hope this post makes you say dumb dumb, I hope this post makes you laugh, and most of all I hope this post makes you happy.  I really wish this will show you how much I care about your dreams and how much I want yor dreams to be our dreams.  I hope you love it, I spent 4 hours coming up with these ideas for you.  I want to show you I can change my dreams too, as long as we can smile together everday.
I don't deserve you yet, but I hope I can prove to you I am wortht the suffering. So here it goesssss......

I call it CAFE LAZIBBY for you name that you currently use haha =).
Here is the sign for the store, I know my hand writting sucks haha but I use the key chain you bought for me as the little character( I know it sucks haha).  I took away the graduation hat and added a chief hat =).  Cool beans right.
Here is the front of the store this drawing took so long haha because I reall wanted it to make it look nice, but then I messed up the door haha.  My bad but imange the cafe with out the door haha and a fatter door.  I try to make it simple as possible for my baby because she loves the simple things.  On the other window I wanted to write a simple life or something like that haha, but I wasn't sure so I left it blank for you to fill in =).

Here is the counter and I put up the cute black or white board so we can write our menu. =) and I think you don't like this style because it not cute but it all I can think of for now haha I hope you like it. 
I really like the idea of a bakery/ cafe now where we can live a simple life and be happy and smile everyday and talk to customers.  Where all our old and new friends can come to eat and relax.  I love the idea a lot now.  I want it to come true more and more when ever I think about it.   I will post a new idea or picture every week ok so that when the time comes to build our cafe we have so many ideas here to look at =).  I hope you enjoyed this I really wanted to change up the mood since the past couple have been sad and full of things that isn't really us.  I hope you smile and call me dumb dumb.
your dumb dumb
P.S. cool beans right?

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