Monday, September 13, 2010

A penny for your thoughts

This whole week has been filled with smiles and laughter.  We click so well, it makes me miss you more and more everyday.  But to  me that is the thing that makes me believe in we have a future.  Even though we are 12 hours apart and miles and miles away we are still able to laugh and make time for each other.  I know its hard sometimes, but no matter what I will be there for you.

Today my friend put up a status which I really want you to read and no its not the one about the bathroom, this is something I wish I could have told you from the begging.  So it is:

"If I never met you,
I would never like you.
If I did not like you
I would never love you.
If I did not love you
I would not miss you,
but I did, I do and I will." 

Well ? Really good quote right?  Your probably saying dumb in your head, but I don't care, when ever you ask me just remember this quote. 

We been talking a lot now more than ever and thank you for giving me more time.  I really think being up till 3 or 4 and waking up at 7 is worth it.  We get so much done now, like how you make me practice Chinese with you everyday for 15 minutes.  Face it I suck at speaking, but I am glad we do this every day no matter how embarrassed I might act.  For you Chinese is the most comfortable language and one of the most important traits you look for in a guy; right?  Well even though I am lacking in that skill, I am practicing everyday, so  that you can see how much I love you.  And thank you for not laughing and making fun of me, I really appreciate it, but its okay once in awhile to laugh if you want =).  Anyways other than speaking to you I am trying to work 10x as hard in class, because not only do I have to learn to speak but I have to learn to read and write.  I gotta be the whole package, thats how I feel.  I don't want your family to think bad of me because I can't speak Chinese and I really want them to feel comfortable around me so you don't need to worry about me forgetting the promise I made you.  I know its a little late but give me another chance =).  Only thing I want your family to make fun of me for is my height if anything lol. =p

On another note I am still working hard to accomplish my new goal, which is to make money off the project I am doing now.  I know your not completely satisfied with me doing this and your scared to put your faith in it, but I guarantee you that hard work will pay off.  I know it will, it is we have to be patient with.  I understand your feelings about getting your hopes up to high, thats why I am not.  And that is the reason why I try not to talk about it as much, like you and my mom tell me 24/7 don't tell me show me.  So try not to give up hope I met a couple people who have been really generous with their advice and past experiences so hopefully I can be smart enough to use this to my advantage.  

Way to bring up Baltimore dorkkkkkk.  Omg I can't get that trip out of my head for me its was the most enjoyable trip I have ever been on hands down.  I really hope we can do one soon with the money I saved up.  But I loved every thing we smiled a lot that whole trip.  Except that time when you were angry at me and I was stressing out to make you forgive me haha.  But it is like what Luther Vandross say's in his song: 
"I'd rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else
I'd rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself
I'd rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart
I'd rather have the one who holds my heart"

Omg I wish I played this song for you the lyrics are perfect because it would be everything I would want to express to you.  Except for some of the things like trying with another girl but if I did, those lyrics would be exactly what I would try to tell you.  So please don't ask me why I chose you.  I chose you because you stood out the most to me, you were the one who was real with me, and the one who made me the happiest.  So don't ask me why and why never others.  It's because I was waiting for you (so chezzy but could think of a better way to say your that girl).

So hang on a little longer you boy will become that man so he can sweep you off your feet and fly you home to where you really belong. Where I can tell you I love you everyday and kiss you every night before you sleep and every morning when you wake up.  To watch you when your sleeping when your scare and to hold you when your cold.  These things and so much more.  I wish you knew how much I love you. 

Love Love Love,
Your dumbest dork

P.S. I love you more and I hope your feelings get stronger for me everyday too, I'm not asking for you to love me just yet but to try.  It takes time I know but don't take to long ok =).

"Wish I was done with college, wish I was working a job that made money, wish I had saved up my money, I wish for all these things so then I don't have to miss you because you will be here with me or me with you. But life aint easy when it comes to the things you want. So I will be my own genie and make these things come true so then I can start granting all your wishes."

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